Staff Training

Our Instructors

All residential instructors are hired following an extensive application, interview process, and background check. We hire staff who exhibit compassion, enthusiasm, an understanding of human development, patience, good humor, a willingness to learn, and a desire to make a difference in a child’s life.  Many counselors have worked with our Talisman Summer Programs, and have come back to Talisman to start and/or build on their professional careers. All are college graduates or have extensive field experience.  Most have degrees in fields relating to education, psychology, social work, or outdoor recreation.  

We provide training in areas of safety, child development, neurological disorders, and experiential education.  All of our staff are certified in CPR and First Aid, and trip leaders also hold Lifeguarding, Canoeing, or Wilderness First Responder certifications, as required for the outing.  They spend a lot of their training time focusing on better understanding our students and how best to connect with and guide them through their social development.

Our Academic Team

Along with having the skills and training of our counselors, our academic team brings an added level of experience and qualifications.  Our classroom teachers are experienced working with special needs populations and understand the tools needed to facilitate a successful classroom experience for our students’ unique needs.

Teachers come to Talisman with subject area certifications and classroom experience.  We provide further training in neurological development, best practices for teaching students on the autism spectrum, and experiential education.  Teachers participate in continuing education pertinent to their subject areas to stay fresh in their fields.  And they coordinate regularly with the residential staff to ensure consistency throughout each student’s time at Talisman.