Sharing a Private, Safe, Lovely Campus

Talisman Semesters is based on our private campus located just outside Asheville in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina.

Our campus includes bunkhouse-style cabins, a dining hall, plus a classroom building for academics and multiple facilities for activities.  The campus includes expansive fields, a gym and a pond. giving us ample opportunity to be active and have fun.

Only a short drive away from our campus are thousands of acres of national parks and forests, rivers, and lakes.  We enjoy four distinct seasons with generally pleasant weather throughout the  school year as well as all summer.


Residential Life

autism therapyEach middle or high school group of eight students and two staff shares a cabin at Talisman, living the camp life through the semester. Chores are shared as part of practicing community living. Instructors help students take on responsibility for self, belongings and surroundings. Wholesome meals are shared in our dining hall.

Our nurse visits weekly and oversees all healthcare needs. Groups practice budgeting on regular shopping trips. Students connect with families via weekly phone calls and frequent emails. At our ADHD, Autism, and Aspergers school, age-appropriate independence is encouraged as students learn to advocate for themselves in a supportive environment.