About Us

Talisman began helping kids and teens with ADHD, Autism, and Aspergers more than 35 years ago.  We are uniquely experienced and unquestionably passionate about helping these exceptional adolescents.

At Talisman, it’s not what you can’t do, but how can we build on what you do well and help you discover even more talents and strengths!


Building Skills and Having Fun

Our students live, study, and play together in their group of eight, guided by a team of highly-trained instructors through daily living, community-building, and a full slate of recreational activities and outings. Days and weeks are highly-structured and focused on building targeted skills, while including ample down time to recharge. 1b0f2d9c-57bb-4394-a879-761d931289da

Each week, whether on campus  or on an expedition, we will focus on a specific skill with supplemental lessons, activities, and/or trips meant to enhance and reinforce these skills.  Skill topics may include (but are not limited to): making friends, managing conflict, relationships, cooking, etc., and may be altered or re-visited based upon the needs of the student groups.

Academic lessons  are expanded upon outside of the classroom, adding relevance and deeper learning. Afternoon and weekend activities may include sports (basketball, ultimate Frisbee and Quidditch), outdoor pursuits (fishing, hiking, tree climbing), and indoor hobbies (art, board games, building projects ). Day trips head to cultural events, popular hiking trails, and places of local interest.

Each semester is a 4-month program and is connected by an overall theme.  Academic work, program activities, and trips will all be connected through these themes.  The groups live and attend classes on our campus, and take several extended trips of regional interest that complement their studies in an experiential fashion.

The highlights of the ADHD, Autism, and Aspergers school are our expeditions. Each group embarks on two weeklong journeys to southeastern destinations that brim with interesting historical, cultural and natural sites. Students are immersed in hands-on learning, with their classroom lessons woven into these new experiences. Groups may visit Georgia sea islands, iconic mountain sites, or Washington, D.C., among others.


Developing Skills

Every student at our ADHD and Aspergers school has unique goals for their semester including social , independent living , health , and academic skills . So, while each week has an overall theme (such as responsibility, trust, or empathy), each student works on his own objective as well.

The Program Director leads weekly discussions on the theme including games, role plays and practice activities. Teachers and residential instructors continue the theme and individual coaching, throughout the week, finding teachable moments to emphasize lessons and bring learning to life.